Aloha and Mahalo for visiting us!

The Honest to God Truth is a humble Christian clothing and accessories line based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our mission is to empower Christ-followers to share their faith and the Word of God through our clothing and accessories that are unpretentious and comfortable for everyday wear.

By shining the light on God's word, our hope is that people will understand who God is, His love for us and the sacrifice the Lord Jesus Christ made for us. May our clothes spark conversations to share the gospel and your own testimony.

I pray that our products will help bring those that don't know God, a step closer to salvation. May you do your best and let God do the rest!

Mahalo and God Bless!
Yvonne and Michael J.

Our HIStory

Upon entering motherhood and beginning the journey of being a stay-at-home mom, I asked God what HE wanted me to do in this new season of life. Sure I had diapers to change and little disciples to teach but I also wanted to do something creative. In 2011, God gave me the vision to create scripture-based clothing for women. The idea scared me but I believed that if this was truly something God wanted me to do, He would provide the ways and means to do it. And now, several years into this journey, I can truthfully say the Lord is faithful, the Lord is GOOD! He's brought so many great people, resources, and opportunities to make The Honest to God Truth what it is today. And through it all, I've grown so much in my walk with Christ -learning obedience; building my trust and faith; and growing by HIS grace, mercy and blessings....God is Good, All the Time!